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Murfreesboro Doors of Hope January 2014 Newsletter

January Update

posted Feb 12, 2014, 12:41 PM by Maridel Williams

Letter from a Doors of Hope Client

PrayingI want to take an opportunity to celebrate with you a great stride that was made by another amazing act of kindness from you all on my behalf recently. I had a 4th offense DUI charge that was reduced to a 3rd offense with the contingency that I successfully complete the DUI Court program and pay due restitution, as well as serve 4 months incarcerated.

The DUI Court program is typically a 12-16 month program with one of the requirements for graduation being payment in full of all associated fines.  Well, I, as are most Doors of Hope clients, am anything but typical.

I had accepted in my head many years ago that I was alcoholic.  I have been in and out of the criminal justice system since the early 1990’s, and through several different inpatient and outpatient treatment programs.  All of the “yets” that I had not seen in the rooms of recovery came to pass in 2011, and I really felt like the gates of hell were closing in on me as the cell door clanged shut behind me.  I was bankrupt in every sense of the word.  I was spiritually dead.

How dark it is before the dawn!

The gates of hell did not close in on me.  Instead, the gates of the jail opened up to Doors of Hope.  I do not believe in coincidences, but rather God-incidences.  As God would have it, this new program was just taking hold in the work center at the very time in my life that I knew that I was ready to surrender.

Nothing changes if nothing changes, and I needed to change EVERYTHING.  

Through this program, you helped me do that.  It did not happen overnight, but mountains have been moved.  You provided me and my daughter with emergency transitional housing so that we could escape bed bug infestation and a dysfunctional marriage.  You made the transition as seamless as possible by providing means for (my a daughter) a blameless, faultless little girl to not have to change schools in the middle of the school year.

You have helped with phone bills and down payments and dental care when I was struggling to make ends meet.  You have appeared in court with me.  You have helped me walk through some heavy “No’s”.  You have made a commitment to pray with us and walk through life with us in a way that astonishes and amazes me to this day.

Your kindness does not necessarily surprise me as much as it drives me to continue to do my part…to continue to grow and to change…to continue to receive and live in God’s truth.  That truth is that His glory is my heart fully alive, victorious, and free.  There is still a ways to go, but I am so encouraged.  Thank you all for the example of service and charitable love that you set for me and for my daughter.  If you will forgive the metaphor…thank you for teaching me how to fish!

Director’s Note: This client is not on any type of government assistance, and relies on public transportation for her daily commute to work in Nashville. She and her daughter share a small one-bedroom apartment, and she has slowly chipped away at this indebtedness. Recent contributions to Doors of Hope have helped match her payments dollar for dollar. We hope to see this indebtedness completely eradicated within the next 3 months, freeing this single mom to graduate the DUI Court program and move forward with her life without the crushing financial load she has shouldered alone

Project Braveheart graduated 14 men from our Transformation Class at the Rutherford County Correctional Work Center on Friday, January 24th.  The next session of the twelve week Transformation Class will begin 


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