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Murfreesboro Doors of Hope March 2015

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March 2015 Update 

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solita 9Part of the process of re-inventing the lives of Doors of Hope clients involves the reconciliation of legal issues.  I am not an attorney.  I am just a client whose relationship with the legal systems dates back more than 20 years.  Up until a couple of years ago, it seemed that my relationship with the legal system might never end.  While life does go on in spite of legal issue that clients face, until those issues are resolved, there is a constant cloud looming that prevents us from fully walking in the freedom of the sunlight.  Although each client’s experience with the legal system varies, the legal system, itself, does not.  My testimony is just one that suggests that some probation systems seems to be set up to dehumanize and perpetuate criminal and/or addictive behavior, thereby setting up  lifelong relationships with folks, many of whom sincerely desire to pay their debts to society and get on with their lives.  But, what does “get on with their lives” mean?  With lofty intentions for change (seems like there is a road paved with them), without a new design for living, the majority of folks are destined to return to the only lifestyle they have ever known.  They find themselves back in the probation offices sitting in front of the same exasperated probation officers who spend their days being fed lies and excuses about why people on probation can’t pay.  Even the most compassionate spirits give way to cynicism under such circumstances.

solita 2 2Finding the perfect storm of a client who is willing to change, a compassionate probation officer, and financial resources to satisfy debts all at the same time is rare to say the least.  Thankfully, Doors of Hope is changing what this picture looks like in terms of social supports for willing clients and financial resources. Additionally, this organization will continue to search for workable solutions to the probation challenge, holding meaningful discussions, not only with our clients, but with law enforcement, the judiciary, and elected officials, to help us achieve our mission of inspiring hope, providing opportunities, and removing barriers to success for clients who are doing everything within their power to break a cycle of failure and defeat.

~ Solita

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