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Stories: Candice

8TE6Rjx7cMy name is Candice, I am 34 years old with 2 beautiful boys 9 and 2. What I have and where I am is all because of the glory of my Savior. My savior led the Doors of Hope to me. I was not living the life I should have. I do have a past of crime and jail time. I look over my life and I’ve grown so much with Doors of Hope. God knew I needed unconditional love and non-judgment from a human perspective. Doors of Hope gave that to me, plus so much more.

I’ve been able to get sober and have some clean time that I am so proud of. I’ve gotten a truck and my license. My boys are back with me and we are living in my own apartment. I’m learning how to pay my bills on time and save money at the same time. Doors of Hope encourages me to be independent but lets me know they are there for me if I need help. We are no longer alone.

I just want to say without God pushing the desire for Maridel to offer hope infused with love, a love that is unconditional, then I would still be in jail or dead. I certainly wouldn’t be present, sober and an amazing redeemed mother to my 2 sons.  I got a 2nd chance at life just by saying YES to ALL that Doors of Hope asked me to do for my self. In brief, Doors of Hope is the answer for me. This program is a reminder every day that God loves me, forgives me, is beside me, is for me and that I have HIS unconditional grace. With ever bigstock-Mother-and-her-kids-silhouette-30707666-300x186thoughtful, kindness, giving, and love that Doors of Hope goes there has to be an army of Angels cheering.

Doors of Hope is my role model and my children as well. I love everyone that helps keep the program going. Every volunteer plays a role in my life and my children’s lives as well. So , I say thank you, God and thank you Doors of Hope.

Candice ( sober  and free from addiction 11 months and 18 days)

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