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Stories: Kaitlyn

 My name is Kaitlyn and for as long as I can remember, my life was nothing but chaos. Instead of overcoming that chaos, I succumbed to it and let it run my life in nothing but negative ways. I’m trying to change that today. For the first time in the history of my addiction that my life has come to be, I’m filled with FAITH that holds no limitations!! Limitless is the word I am claiming forever! It is a saying I will forever love.  Achievement will become my destiny! woman-praying-profile-featured-w740x493I want a life filled of wealth, and by no means is money included in that.  I want happiness, healthy relationships; I want independence, and I want all that comes along with possessing those character traits.

I arrived at Doors of Hope a little over a month ago and I am discovering how to apply all that I have learned in my recovery journey thus far. It’s a safe place where I can begin to trust others, and trust myself while I figure out what those daily next right choices look like for me. Doors of Hope offers me the chance to gain the independence I so deserve! I am setting goals… and going back to school so that I may support myself. Hope drives my faith… the Faith that I am changing, I am accomplishing my goals and they are becoming my reality. The past is the past. Instead of harping on the past, I’m driven to the future. This road I am on is an endless road of Hope and opportunity! I will never stop achieving, and I will never give up HOPE.

Doors of Hope……. “The people who pursued me to start living life, not waste life. My forever family, I love you all so much!”   Kaitlyn (sober 90 days today!!!)

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