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Apply for Assistance Through Doors of Hope

Click on this link to download or open the Doors of Hope Life Program Application for Housing.
You may print this form, fill it out and email it to opendoorsofhope@gmail.com or drop it off at Doors of Hope Office:
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FAQ – Doors of Hope Re-entry (LIFE) Program

How much does it cost? Because we know that people being released from incarceration or rehab typically have no resources, we cover the cost of the program. When client is employed and receives her first paycheck (usually at week 5 or 6) the cost is $65 per week, which includes everything from toothpaste to transportation. Phase 2 housing is $85 per week; Phase 3 housing is $100 per week.

How long do I stay? Everyone’s needs are different, but the program is designed to last 12 months, to allow time to get a good recovery program in place (a year’s sobriety), gain some financial stability and meet other goals that will help the client be successful. Of course, we follow court orders for those being furloughed. Typically, the stay is 6-12 months. Statistically, those who stay at least 12 months have greater success, and much lower recidivism rates.

How many women will I be living with? Phase I (approx. first 60-90 days) is dorm-style living; no more than four women. In Phase 2 housing (approx. 90-180 days) you will likely have a suite-mate, but no more than 6 women in the house. In Phase 3 (approx. 180 days to one year) you will have your own space, and no more than four women to a house.

I have no car and no license; how will I get to work? Doors of Hope provides safe transportation through volunteer drivers who take clients to work, appointments, probation, grocery store, etc. We also provide Rover tickets, and encourage clients to take advantage of public transportation, when it is practical to do so.

What about seeing my family? Visits to family are permitted, as long as they are safe, approved and scheduled with the housing director. Family members will need to provide a valid drivers’ license if you will be riding with them. Our first priority is keeping you safe and sober.

Can my family members visit me in housing? No visitors are allowed in housing, for the safety and security of other housing residents.

Please explain the “Phases”.

  • During Phase I, the client is learning how to stay clean and sober. In some cases, this is learning a “new normal”, including recovery meetings, counseling sessions, and building community with people that support your decision to get clean and stay sober. You will be meeting with your own personal life coach each week, for accountability. You will be learning how to schedule and prioritize your time. You will be quite busy, doing the things that need to be done before getting a job.
  • In Phase 2, you are living in a house with other women who basically share the same goals and priorities you have set for yourself. You will be working 20-40 hours per week, continuing to build relationships within the recovery community and working the 12 steps with your sponsor. In this phase, you will work on your budget, paying not only rent, but fines and fees you may owe and child support. You will start saving money toward license reinstatement, and continue to meet with your life coach each week.
  • Phase 3, you will still be living in a house with two or three other clients, but you will have your own space. You will continue to build relationships, work the steps, and save money toward your next residence. You will meet with your life coach at least every other week for accountability and encouragement.

How long can I stay? It depends on your progress in the program, and space availability. Clients can stay up to a year, and some opt to stay longer.

Do I have to stay a year? No, unless the court orders it.

What about my clothes? You can bring your own clothing, but we encourage you to keep it to a minimum. Closet space is limited, so just bring what you need. If you are coming out of incarceration and have no clothing, we will furnish you an outfit for your release day, and help you get clothing once you get settled in housing.

What about food? We require all residents to apply for emergency food stamps upon entering housing; our volunteers will help you do this. We will provide groceries for new residents for the first week, or until your food stamp card arrives.

How do I apply, and how long is the waiting list? The application is available on our website, www.opendoorsofhope.org. Or, you can have a copy mailed to you. We cannot offer housing until we have your application. We will give you an answer within 24 hours of receiving the application. We do not keep a waiting list; it is truly first come, first served based on available spaces in housing. We cannot hold spaces unless you have a firm release date.


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