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Volunteer FAQs

Volunteer Frequently Asked Questions:‎


FAQQ: Are there opportunities for volunteers with Doors of Hope or Project Braveheart?
Mentoring, administrative help, web design, fund-raising, transportation for clients to appointments, moving furniture for clients, house cleaning, collecting hygiene items. We can ALWAYS use your help. Q: How many paid employees do you have?

Q: Do you collaborate with other agencies in Rutherford County?
We enjoy collaboration with The Homeless Task Force, Greenhouse Ministries, The Journey Home, The Hope Clinic, Goodwill Career Solutions, Interfaith Dental Clinic, Murfreesboro Housing Authority, MOPS Groups and many others. We also enjoy volunteer and financial support from several churches: New Vision Baptist, Calvary Baptist, The Refuge, Trinity Presbyterian, First Presbyterian, First United Methodist Church, Blackman United Methodist, Real Life Community Church of the Nazarene, St Paul’s Episcopal, North Boulevard Church of Christ, The ExperienceCommunity Church and First Baptist Church.
Q: What success rate do you hope for?
We will consider ourselves successful if one ex-offender is able to rebuild life and live as a law-abiding, productive member of society, in stability and freedom. At this point the recidivism rate for graduates from our educational program at RCCWC stands at just under 5%. The recidivism rate for those in our LIFE program (re-entry initiative) is 0%.
Q: How is Doors of Hope funded?
By private donations and grants from the City of Murfreesboro, TN Housing Authority, The Christ-Houston Foundation, MTEMC, Charity Circle, and Smyrna Rotary Club.
Q: How could a person support the initiative financially?
  •  By credit card, through Giving matters.com
  •  Go to our Donate page and use our Paypal feature
  •  Through monthly EFT (forms available on Facebook and website www.opendoorsofhope.org)
  •  Cash donations mailed to DOH, P.O. Box 2392, Murfreesboro TN 37133-2392
  •  Upcoming fund-raisers
Q: How can I keep up with what the organization is doing on a regular basis?
Like us on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/OpenDoorsofHope
Also, you may sign up for an e-newsletter by emailing opendoorsofhope@gmail.com. Or visit our website: www.opendoorsofhope.org.
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